Gold is incredibly valuable and always has been.
With confidence in financial institutions shaken since the crash in 2008, gold offers an alternative to stocks and shares, or government bonds.


  • Although long-term protection of your wealth should be the priority when buying gold, it is very possible to make money from this precious metal like if you were trading stocks and shares.
  • It makes sense that some cryptocurrency investors might seek to readjust their portfolios and increase their exposure to gold. Gold-backed tokens are very convenient tools for investors who want to be invested in crypto and gold. The gold tokens are listed on some of the most liquid market places in crypto,” including Binance as well as rival exchanges like FTX, Bitfinex, and Kraken.
WeU tokens will be an utility token to purchase and sell Gold ETF and E-gold with sufficient liquidity and listing on reputed Centralized and Decentralized Exchange.