Crypto Bank

Though cryptocurrencies offer a mixed ROI (for every Bitcoin, there are dozens of failed digital fiat currencies), there are numerous instances where the advantages of blockchain in banking have proven practical for transactional and operational practices.


  • Here is a glimpse at how digital banks can implement this technology – and what you should consider if you want to give investing in Digital banks that runs on a distributed ledgers a try.
  • Private debt and equity markets flourish in the post-financial crisis world with the global value expected to hit $7.7 trillion by 2022. However, traditional processes are not prepared for the influx of buyers due to a lack of digitization and standardization across private placement securities.
  • With more global buyers eager to buy debt, equity, or a combination of the two, issuers will need to accelerate both the underwriting and investor verification process. Blockchain has the potential to deliver on both fronts – if it is implemented correctly.
WeU tokens will be an utility token to purchase, and utilize all banking products including money transfers, cheques, wire, and peer-to-peer loans with sufficient liquidity and listing on reputed Centralized and Decentralized Exchange.